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I’m creating a Shules fanfiction rec…

SO if you could send me some of your favorite shules fics (of any rating, any AU, as long as it’s shules((or a really good psych fic with shules in it))) that would be MORE than appreciated. 

You may suggest one or you can suggest 1 million, I don’t care. If you don’t want to give a link below, my submit and inbox are always open.

Anything you send in would be helpful! 

Obligatory question mark?

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I will give my first born to anyone who can tell me how I can listen to the Psych cast commentaries on their episodes.

Is my only option to buy the DVDs?

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Attention RP-world.

I am announcing something new and hopefully exciting. If you do not want to RP and stay active stop reading and scroll along. 

Now with that out of the way, I would like to introduce Mystery RP. Mystery RP Is basically an open invitation to anyone who would like to roleplay right now. I don’t have any set numbers and female to male ratio does not matter. Simply reblog this post, filling in the form I’ll provide in a moment. The idea is that after filling in the few questions I will ask of you, I am going to submit you a character. That is, their name, faceclaim and a minibio to provide your character with its own unique backstory. I thought it would be fun and challenging to get people to step out of their comfort zones and that, hopefully, it’ll bring some fun back into RPing.

Your quality of writing does not matter. I don’t care if you use big or small gifs or themes from theme garden. I don’t care what sexuality your character is. All I want is people who want to roleplay. Now for the form, coughs. 

FC(s) you usually play:

FC(s) you would like to play:

Would you prefer to play a male or female?

Are there any specific plotlines you would NOT feel comfortable roleplaying?

What kind of character do you usually choose to play?

This will be fun, I promise, and you can back out if you don’t like the character I provide for you. So yes, reblog if you’re interested I guess.

FC(s) you usually play: Emma Stone, Lily Collins, Dylan O’Brien, Felicity Jones

FC(s) you would like to play: Maggie Lawson, Karen Gillan, Jenna Louise Coleman, Andrew Garfield (I’m very open about FCs, though) 

Would you prefer to play a male or female?: I like to say either, but in general I’m more comfortable playing females. 

Are there any specific plotlines you would NOT feel comfortable roleplaying?: Not any character too messed up. You know, serial killer type stuff doesn’t usually work for me. 

What kind of character do you usually choose to play?: I tend to go for the witty characters just because I feel I play them best. Also I’m drawn to some with literary backgrounds OR just some who are interested in the arts in general. On the other hand, I’m all for playing girls who are in general just super bad ass. 

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Let me talk to you about books.

Specifically, one book. This book.

This book should be a best seller. This book should be required reading for graduating from high school. Before you get that diploma, you read this book.

This book deals with debunking “Neurosexism,” which is a very fancy term for all of that evolutionary psychology bullshit that people spill about those “brain differences” between boys and girls.

This book debunks such myths as:

  • Boys are better at math than girls
  • Women make crappy lawyers/business CEOs/etc, as their brains are not cut out for aggression.
  • Men make crappy counselors/primary school teachers/primary parents/etc, as their brains are not cut out for empathy.
  • And many other such myths.

Furthermore, this book covers topics such as: 

  • Neurosexism and gender perceptions in multiple races (as this is not a singularly white experience, just as the western world isn’t a singularly white experience)
  • Sex discrimination in the workplace, and how women are (or, more often, are not) allowed to behave
  • How science is used (badly) to support many of these claims
  • Experiences of trans* people, both through interviews and empirical studies.

AND FINALLY - It is all brilliantly researched, cited, compiled - and it’s easy to read! Cordelia Fine actually manages to be funny while writing this, which I think is important, because it makes all of this information infinitely accessible.

Delusions of Gender has reinforced what Oberlin taught me: The gender binary is stupid and arbitrary, and dangerous. And it is a self-perpetuating bias that needs to be addressed to be overcome.

So adding this to my to-read list.

I haven’t read this myself so I can’t give an educated recommendation but looks like something I’d want to have on my never-ending ‘to-read’ list.

Haven’t read it but it looks good.

Adding to my 2013 “books to read” list for sure.

This book is fucking fantastic. Seriously, I recommend reading it at least once.

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REBLOG if you want to be added to my fitblr directory!



- I will make a page on my blog where I post all your URLs and link to your blog

- follow me and reblog to be added

- no unhealthy blogs please! Health and fitness is what I want to promote!

Keep reblogging! Make sure you’re following me though!
P.s. you will gain followers from being on this page! :)

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What are thigh gaps and why you probably aren’t going to get one from weight loss

If you have been apart of tumblr for long enough or have wanted to lose weight at some point while on tumblr you’d notice a lot of blogs in the “thinspiration” community have a desire for thigh gaps. 

What is a thigh gap you may ask? Essentially it’s a gap between a persons thighs, preferably desired by women.

Why do people want one?

No idea


Chances are if you are trying to get one by losing weight for whatever reason then you may not be able to get it.

“BUT WHY?!” you may cry. Very simple, my dear person. It’s all about your skeleton.


You cannot change the structure of your skeleton very easily (and it would be painful if you could. For example: child birth)

Some people are naturally able to have a thigh gap at a certain size, but that doesn’t automatically mean that you have to very thin. People who are at different sizes can have them but can every fit/thin person have one? No

Fact of the matter is that you probably won’t get one and it’s not a big deal. You don’t die if you don’t have one, and no one really cares about them as much as you do persons-who-want-a-thigh-gap-who-is-reading-this. Well, unless you’re this guy


There are two main reasons for why you probably won’t get one even if you lose weight.

One reason why you won’t get one is because of your hips. If you have narrow hips it’ll be a bit harder to obtain. Here are some examples



You can’t really change your genetics or bone structure…so…

Although, some of you might be thinking “fuck yeah! I have wide hips I’m going to get a thigh gap!!”


Sorry but that also might not be the case. The second reason for why you probably won’t get one is because of your legs. Let me explain a bit.

This is what the leg bones look like when you’re standing


So because your femurs are going in-ward like the image above it would be difficult to obtain a thigh gap even if you have wide hips. Also considering that you also have muscle, skin, fat, veins, around your bones to make, well, legs. It would be hard to achieve it. You need these things to you know, move. 

Also remember that people on tumblr stick out their butts, straighten their legs, bending forward with their heels apart, or stand with their feet wider apart for the illusion for a thigh gap in these photos. So really, if they can’t have one naturally what’s the chances of you having one? Here is a great example 


If you’re worried about chafing then a quickgoogle searchwill show you that there are ways to remedy one without achieving a thigh gap. Remember that sometimes every-ones skin is different as well. Some are more or less sensitive than others. So having a thigh gap isn’t an automatic answer to not have any chafing. Many people in my life don’t have thigh gaps and they have no issues with rashes or chafing. 

If you’re still wanting a thigh gap despite of what I said you can get one easily by standing like peter pan and walk like that for the rest of your life.


Which goes to show that a thigh gap can be very relative of how you stand.

If you’re still wanting a thigh gap because you see models and other girls in the media having one just remember that the super thin body type portrayed by women in the media only effects 5% of the population. The standards are only getting tighter since 20 years ago models weighed 8% less than a healthy weight and now it’s 23% less than a healthy weight.

Why throw away your health to try and obtain something that most people don’t naturally have? You’re in trouble if you’re going to forgo your health for the sake of something that isn’t obtainable by most human standards.

i love you

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